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Ayucucho adventure
5 days / 4 nights        Difficulty: 2/3

Tour at Ayacucho for 5 days

The essential of the blood city

With this touristic trip, you will discover during 5 days all the nooks of Ayacucho, the Church's city, but also “the blood city”.

Come to discover the population where all the social classes speak Quechua, a city with a lot of colonial houses and vestiges of old cultures and a rich cultural folklore.

Ayacucho is famous for its religious celebrations and its 37 churches.

At 2761 meters of altitude, you will appreciate the Aventurero Tour (Aventure Tour). This touristic tour of 5 days and 4 nights will allow you to disco

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In the morning, you will have time to get used to the environment. If you want, you can take a coca the.

The city tour of the day includes a lot of visits : the archeologic museum, the monastery of Santa Teresa, The taller of Santa Ana, The mirador Cerro Acuchimay, Casonas Bozas and Solis, Castilla and Zamora, Velarde Alvarez as well as temples, cathedrals, company of Jesus, Santo Domingo and the temple Santa Clara. 

We will go also to see the traditional oven of Las Chaplas (typical bread of the region), then we will go back at the hotel.  

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Breakfast at the hotel, and excursion at the archeological site of Wari, capital of the first Andean Empire. Wari, located near the modern city of Ayacucho, which was the center of the first Andean empire. The central zone of the city is divided in 12 sectors.
You will visit the historic sanctuary in the Pampa of Ayacucho and you will discover the village of Quinua and will visit the house of capitulation.
To finish, a typical lunch will wait you in Ayacucho. 

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Breakfast at the hotel and excursion at the cave of Pikimachay where was discovered the oldest human vestiges in Peru, which is 17 650 years before our era.

You will visit also the city of Huanta which is one of the 11 provinces of the Ayacucho region, located at the south of Peru and the city of Loricancha, located in Huaneco. 

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Breakfast at Condorccocha, and excursion to the beautiful water falls of Pumapaccha and Batan Qorimaqma.

Then, we will do a tour in the carbonated swimming pool of Wawapuquio and we will visit the city of Cangallo, Irimpy bridge and Pampas river.  

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Transfer from the hotel to the airport, at the hour expected.More informations about Ayacucho

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