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Dear Clients

 Thanks for choosing us as your tour operator!! Please read carefully the following information (before booking).

Services and products in Peru sometimes differ to that in your home country. We strongly suggest to read the following carefully


By Registration to one of our tours you agree our Terms and Conditions. 

The registration is valid with a minimum down payment of 50% of the total price. For more information about this topic, see also "Payment" at the bottom of the page.

Annulation de votre part:

If you cancel your trip more than 30 days before departure, the entire deposit will be refunded, minus 100 US$ per person handling fee (the cost of transaction fees are at your expense).

In case of cancellation by the tourist between 30 and 15 days in advance, Peru Global Tours reserves 25% of the total value of the journey. The remaining amount will be refunded (except transaction fees).

Cancellations of the tourist 15 days before departure are non-refundable, at this time Peru Global Tours is already responsible for the costs of your stay.

Failure to travel or trip interruption by tourism for any reason will not be refunded by Peru Global Tours.

In case of a late arrival of an international flight, transportation, accommodation, excursions and other lost benefits, are not reimbursable or movable because of this delay. Peru Global Tours in this case recommends following the normal course of the program. Additional costs for changes of transport and hotels therefore are at the tourist’s expense.

In case of a trip with several people, where all participants cancel, applies the arrangement above.

For the Inca Trail (2 or 4 days), by cancellation there will be no refund of 120 USD/person. It is also not possible to change the dates or the names of the passengers. These rules are dictated by the SERNANP (Servicio Nacional de Areas Naturales Protegidas), a government organization that controls the access to the Inca Trail.

Cancellation by Peru Global Tours:

If cancelled by us due to majeure force (social and political unrest that doesn’t provide the minimum security requirements) we refund the total amount of your deposit, except banking fees and not refundable charges against appropriate supporting documents.

No compensation will be paid if you haven’t purchased trip cancellation insurance for your international ticket; Peru Global Tours can voluntarily help you but cannot be held responsible and will not endeavor to repayment.

Changes of programs:

Peru Global Tours reserves the rights, to change the transportation, accommodation as well as schedules of some tours to reasonable grounds, in which the passengers can’t claim any compensation.

Peru Global Tours is not responsible for any costs incurred if external influence is the reason. For example: the closure of airports, weather and other reasons, such as flight delays, political situations, war, strike, etc. In this case the costs of changing a program go to the expenses of the passenger.

Peru Global Tours generally rejects the liability for personal injury, accidents, and diseases and for flights, extractions, damage or loss. In addition, the luggage is at all times under the responsibility of the passenger.


Passengers are required to follow the rules of the local customs, such as passport, visas and vaccines. Peru Global Tours cannot be held responsible for possible consequences of failure to comply with a formality.

Insurance suggestions:

Peru Global Tours does not give any insurance. Please send us a copy of a foreign medical and repatriation insurance. In general these contracts are already included in the services of your credit card or in an accident or life insurance.

If you have no repatriation insurance we ask you to sign a liability release.


With a minimum deposit of 50% of the total amount, your agreement to our terms and conditions is provided and therefore the validity of the contract.

This payment has to be made to our bank account in Peru; we will send you the necessary information. We ask you to send us a copy of your payment certificate by e-mail. To limit the transfer fees, we ask you to send, for bookings of less than 900 USD, the whole amount at once.


It is included all that is described in de program that you have agreed.