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General information

  • Surface: 1285 216 km2
  • Location: 12º south of the Equator
  • Capital: Lima
  • Population: 28 millions of inhabitants
  • Democratic Government: Ollanta Humala Tasso
  • Official languages: Spanish, Quechua and Aymara
  • Money: Sol but Dollars also is accepted 
  • Life expectancy: 67.4
  • Tasks of growing: 22 inhabitants per square kilometer
  • Death: 52 per thousand
  • Analphabetism: 11.70%
  • Religion:90% catholic

Other information about Peru:

The Peru’s natural treasures: landscapes, flora and wild fauna, are the result of the geographic accidents that exist in few parts of the planet. Its equatorial position, mixed with the presence of the Andean range and the Pacific Ocean are the three ingredients which have allowed the existence a great quantity of zones of life. 
From June to mid-September: foggy and wet winter. From mid-September to mid-December: clearer and mild weather. From mid-December to March was in Lima. High temperature.