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Inti raymi or sun party
Interest: 3/3

Date of the festival: 21/06

 In the Inca times the most important parties coincided with the astronomical events, Such us Solstices, equinoxes, which were celebrated in all the cities and small towns, but in Cusco took place the most amazing party, because it was the Capital of he empire, considered as the center or navel of the Andean World.

Among all the parties, it was the most important, made in honor to the sun, because the Sun was the maximum visible expression of the creation, origin and Source of life itself. It used to begin during the winter solstice.

Since 1944 a initiative of Mr. Humberto Vidal Unda and the American Institute of Art was established as the main day of this celebration June 24.

At the present this dramatization takes place in the plain of Sacsayhuaman, all the actors begin to walk from the Qorikancha or Sun Temple to Sacsayhuaman where thousands of spectators occupy seats which belong to the same archeological Site, sometimes there are more than 100.00 spectators.


Festival of the Sun ceremony of Inti Raymi in SacsayhuamanInti Raymi The Inca festival of the sunInca festival of the sun Inti RaymiSacsayhuaman inti raymi