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Nazca is a town that has been modernized badly, but it has a number of attractions that are worth at least town days’ stay. The Antonini Museum is the most complete display of the Nazca and Paracas cultures. It also has the Cantayoc aqueduct, archeological remains at Paredones, the sacred city of Cahuachi, the Estaqueria archeological complex, the Nazca cemetery at Chauchilla and the whale museum at Sacaco. The best known attractions, however, are the Nazca lines.


These are lines on the earth representing animals and plants, on a plain that is also covered with geometric patterns and figures. The system consists of furrows some 8 inches deep cut into the ground. It is thought that they may have been made between 200 and 500 A.D.  

Innumerable theories have been put forward about their origin and purpose; from and Astronomical Calendar to link with UFOS. Nevertheless, nobody knows the truth for certain.- 260 miles south on the Pan American Highway is a tower from which some of the geoglyphs can be seen. Why recommend you to complete the view by taking a flight over the lines in a light aircraft, which can be done from Nazca airfield near the city.