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Colca Canyons
Interest: 3/3

The Colca, “ The last Valley of the Incas”, “the Valley of the Wonders”, “The valley of fire”, “The Condor’s territory”, “One of the seven Natural Wonders of the World”; these are just some ways that are used to qualify the Colca Valley as a huge Canyon created by a fault on the earth crust erosioned for over thousands of years by the largest river of the Peruvian coast (the Colca, Majes or Camaná) reaching depths over 3400 meters in both sides, and more than 200km of length.

On the journey, there are interesting formations in volcanic rocks, igneous or basaltic rocks which were erosioned by the wind and water that resemble forests, castles or ghost cities such as Puruña, Callalli or Mauca-Arequipa.

In these territories there are only two possible economic activities for their inhabitants raising alpacas and llamas whose fiber of special characteristics conquered an exclusive world market. Raising these animals has been traditionally kept and transmitted from parents to children.


  • Altitude Over 4000 meters above sea level
  • Climate: Cold from May to October and cloudy from December to March. Minimal temperatures between May to August reach 0 degrees Celsius or less (at dawn) and in the morning rises up to 16 or 20 degrees. During the rest of the year the temperature is higher, 4º to 6º c at dawn.


by car

  • from Arequipa by bus (at night), 4:00.hours
  • from Puno by bus or private vehicle, 4:30 hours.