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Interest: 2/3

Arequipa is known as the “white city”, because many of the buildings on the city are built of ashlars, a volcanic stone which happens to be white. Three volcanoes tower over the city, Chachani, Misti and Pichu Pichu. 

Founded in 1540, Arequipa is filled with colonial churches and mansions, including Saint Catalina, a restored convent established in 1579. The cathedral on the Main Square, the company, Saint Francisco, La Merced and some other restored mansions worth a visit.

Altitud: 2360 meters above sea level

Climate: Sunny and dry. Hot during the day and cold at night.


  • Elevation: 2300 m.
  • Climate: Dry throughout the year, some rain from January to March.
  • Daytime maximum temperatures (monthly average): In summer (December to March): 24ºC - In winter (June to September): 20ºC
  • Minimum night temperature (monthly average): In summer (December to March): 8 ° C - In winter (June to September): 5 ° C



  • Arequipa is connected by daily flights with the cities of Lima, Cusco, Tacna and Juliaca (Puno). With La Paz in Bolivia, 3 times a week.


  • from Lima by bus (at night), 16 hours.
  • since Nazca by bus or private vehicle, 9:00
  • from Puno by bus or private vehicle, 5:00